Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pampered Party

You and a guest are cordially invited to a Pampered Chef Brunch at my house this Saturday. With Mother's Day approaching and all the mothers in my family being PC fans, it just made sense to have a party. I'm hoping to get enough sales so I can score some Mother's Day presents for free! That might be a little sneaky, but when you're in the middle of a month full of birthdays, have a HUGE money sucking adoption and another money sucking project going on, AND have to prepare for your mom's out of town wedding, you do whatcha gotta do. If you won't be in my area Saturday but would like to order (and why wouldn't you? They have a TON of fabulous new products!) Just click here and you can shop online. Enter in my name as the host please. (email me for my last name if you don't have it.) But if you would like to come, wear something pink and you might just win a prize!

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