Monday, May 22, 2006

Operation Birthday Surprise Trip

Success! Lisa was surprised and we had a great time! Wow, so much to talk about on this trip.
Friday Lisa and I tooled around town getting a fabulous pedicure (cheap!), eating breakfast at our usual spot (the waitress always remembers me), checking out this cool Asian market.
I love a trip when I see and experience things I've never seen before in my life. Like the word "Guts" on a store sign. We picked up Pete from work then went to dinner at this great Asian diner. Then we ran home and packed up for our trip to Atlantic City! We checked in to our hotel and hit the boardwalk. I'd never been to AC so this was all new and exciting! We went to Bally's for a while and then had a midnight snack at Johnny Rockets
before heading back to our room.
SaturdayWe woke up and took our baths in the fabulous in room GINORMOUS jacuzzi tub. Then hit the boardwalk again.
We saw a guy arguing with the air, then ringing the air's neck after warning said air about air's upcoming death. We stopped in the little shops and played a couple of the boardwalk games. I saw AC's version of a rickshaw. This guy pushing a 3 wheeled cart you could ride in. I could never hire one of those, I'd feel so bad for the pusher!
Later we went to the Tropicana, which really reminded me of Vegas with all the shops and restaurants.
We had lunch at Cuba Libre, which was fantastic. Then we hit the casino. I found penny slot machines. So fun! I was busy for hours with just $10! I didn't win big, but Lisa did pretty well at roulette. We had a big time then hit the road for Baltimore. Once we got home we went to Lisa's old elementary school for a spring carnival, then dinner at the Double T Diner which was full of people who'd just come back from Preakness. I love people watching in a diner.
SundayWe woke up and met up with Laura and Brandon for brunch at Nick's on the water. Then we stopped in at W@lmart so I could pick up some Tasty Kakes & Utz chips for Jon.
Yep, before I left Jon showed me the ones he wanted online and sent me on the plane with an empty bag so on the ride home I was to check my 2 luggage pieces then carryon the snack bag. I'm a snack mule. After W@lmart we went to check out Laura & Brandon's new house. They are doing so much work. It is going to be great! I'm always interested when I travel to be able to compare home costs city vs city. When we got to their house I klutzed out and tripped going up the front steps. It wasn't a horrible fall (though my knee is hurting pretty good now) but it was made all the more dramatic because I had just opened a ginger ale that flew everywhere. Jon said the picture looked like a CSI crime scene. We went back to Lisa's and hung out chatting until it was time for me to go. I was sad to leave but happy to get home to my boy and my puggies. Oh, and my sweet tea of course.

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