Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fun Fest

Today Susan and Miss Olivia came over then we met up with my mom and my nephews at my mom's house. All of us, including a neighbor girl, trucked down to the town festival called Fest-i-fun. That name cracks me up. We'd never been, and it was really cute. But our town is really small, so it was fest-i-over in about 30 minutes. Then we had lunch and took all the kids home for naps. Miss O and JoJo are so sweet together. They are only 5 days apart in age (she's the older woman) so I feel like they are destined to be in love. Or at least date. He'd feed her and they'd just stare at each other. So cute. Jake is pretty sweet on Olivia himself.
Jon and I caught a wee nap ourselves. He'd been up all night making sausage with our BIL. Those boys and their meat & cheese hobby. After our nap Jon and I watched the Kentucky Derby with his parents. I was rooting for Deputy Glitter cause, well, come on, his name is Deputy Glitter. Then we went to 5 Guys for dinner. Yummy. Fantastic food and the staff wears Crocs so what's not to love? We then headed to St*rbucks for apres dinner Green Tea Frappucinos. I love the new Blackberry one they have for this summer. We chatted about the upcoming election (my FIL is a chief justice and must get re-elected). I'm hoping we can ride in a parade or two. I've got my parade wave ready!

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