Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My poor little knock off tivo is so worn out. First 3 hours of sob inducing Grey's Anatomy. (which by the way is moving to Thursday nights next season- a little insider tip I picked up reading the writers' blog- yes I'm that obsessed). Then LOST tonight. And Top Model. I won't loose any spoilers in case someone's got it recorded. I can't wait for the LOST finale next week, although it falls on my sister's 30th birthday so that's rather inconvenient. Looks like knock off tivo will be put back to work.

Speaking of finales, the wild life in my yard have had a few lately. DaBrie, our black cat (yes we do have 2 cats, they just aren't as hammy as the pugs), brought me a little birdie for a present last week. While I understand it is the thought that counts, she doesn't understand that our decor doesn't lend itself to dead bird. And there's always my mom's voice yelling in my head "Don't touch it! You'll get dead bird disease!". I was out with the pugs on a potty break when I noticed a piece of mulch hopping around. It was a frog. So I pet him and he let me then I picked him up and noticed he was missing his left hand and his left leg below the knee. I brought him in and was going to doctor him up wtih hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, and a jaunty wee bandage, but Jon put the kibosh on that one. Said I wasn't doing much for the frog's blood pressure and just to release him cause he'd be a sitting duck and probably couldn't hop if he were covered with gauze and medical tape. Good point. Then the other morning I went to take the pugs out and there on my deck was a wee baby bird, still covered in fur, no feathers, with a ginormous beak. A beak way too big for its little face. He was dead but I brought him inside anyway and tried to warm him up. Too bad I didn't have a tiny set of heart paddles. I could have yelled clear and he could have sputtered to life. I didn't know what to do with him so I left him on the kitchen counter for Jon to deal with. Cap'n Jon McSafetyPants looooved that one. He came home from work, took one look at lil Petey, and started yelling about bird flu and how I've surely doomed us all. The road to my husband's high blood pressure was paved with good intentions I swear.

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