Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh wait...

I do have something to say. Lost is on tonight and I have questions. I'd really like to talk to the writers. I totally get that it is a fantasy show and I have no problem with the cloud monster or any of that. It's the common sense things that get on my nerves, like:
-Why is there not a line of people wanting to sleep in the hatch? Sand mites and sleeping on the ground vs the hatch is a no brainer to me!
-Why is there not a line of people taking showers at the hatch?
-Why is it that something happens to Kate for instance and she doesn't tell Jack for like 2 episodes? What do these people have to do other than talk to each other? Wouldn't everyone know everything about each other by now?
-Where did all these blue tarps come from that people built their huts out of? Was there a tarp salesman on the plane?
-Why is there no sex? A bunch of good looking people on an island with no hope of rescue running around in the heat in tattered clothes after a trauma should equal hot monkey jungle sex.

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