Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bon Voyage

Things I adore about traveling:
-staying in hotels. I love the towels, the little bottles of lotion and shampoo, the way the tissue is folded into a V.
-Sky Mall magazine.
-Walking down the gang plank to the plane.
-Airport people watching.
-Airport moving sidewalks.
-Airport gift & magazine stores.
-Checking out the products in your host's bath tub. I'm always interested to see what kind of shampoo, etc. that people use.
-Little kids pulling little suitcases on little wheels.
-Trying new restaurants. It blows my mind why anyone would eat at a chain restaurant while on vacation.
-Checking out local grocery stores or W@lmart. I love to see what products are available in different areas.
-The crowd of people waiting to pick up travelers at the airport. Their expectant, excited faces.
-Travel sized products.

Things I don't understand/get/like about traveling:
-Why luggage isn't available/popular in every color of the rainbow. You get off the plane and stand there watching 937 pieces of black luggage go by. Every so often there is a blue, red, or floral suitcase, but mostly they are black. At baggage claim Sunday night I saw this family with 3 kids. They all had different brightly colored rolling duffels from LL Bean. They could spot their luggage from a mile away. Smartest traveling family ever.
-The last place in an airport where we rely on the honor system is baggage claim. You can walk in from the street and take any bag you want. There is no security. I mean, I guess you run the risk of stealing a bunch of dirty laundry, but still, it is all up for grabs. I think it shows that when it comes right down to it, people are mostly good.
-How women travel wearing stilettos. Thank goodness for my Crocs.

Walking down the concourse of an airport always reminds me of just how many people there are in the world. We get so caught up in our own little worlds. I think it does some good to get out there and see how other people live.
My 2 favorite things about traveling are getting there and exploring, and coming home.

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