Saturday, March 05, 2005


Jon got up early this morning and ran to the store to bring me home a box of my favorite cereal ever, Lucky Charms. I could not believe my eyes when I read on the box that the prize inside is a VIDEO GAME! I opened up the box and there it was on top, wrapped in plastic, outside the cereal bag. What is wrong with the youth today?! When I was a kid you had to eat the entire box of cereal to get to a crummy rub on tattoo or some jacks or something, and you were happy with it! Jon snatched the video game out of my hands and started playing right away. It works! A functioning video game in cereal. Unbelievable. Image hosted by


foodiechickie said...

Too cool!

Abby said...

A video game?! I'm with you...I was all over that lame plastic toy they put at the bottom of cereal boxes "back in the day." Kids these days have it too good.