Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oh Deer, Ike's in Love!

We took Ike & Kea to their first official dinner party the other night. Hosted by Photobucket.com Marsha & Larry (friends of Jon's parents) invited us and the in-laws over for Venison stew. I hadn't had deer meat since I was much younger and mah Daddy did him some huntin. So it took a while to get over the mental hurdles, but I did eat some. And she did a great job with it, it tasted mostly like a beef roast.

Marsha and Larry have 2 lasa ahpsos (sp?) and 2 Tibetan spaniels. The Tibbies are around the same age as Ike & Kea so we've been trying to have a little puppy mixer for quite some time. They all got along famously. Ike promptly fell in love with the girl spaniel Namba and proceeded to shake his little pug tush every time he'd walk past her. He smiled all night long, and at one point we found the two of them nuzzling in the kitchen! I've never seen anything like it. More pictures are found here.


foodiechickie said...


bethanie said...

uh oh, looks like you're gonna have to sit Ike down and have the "birds and the bees" talk with him

BTW - I just noticed that your Ads by GOOOOOOOLE thingy on the bottom of your blog has an ad saying : Fishy Vaginal Odor? Avoid Embarrassment and Discharge. Enjoy Intimacy - Oral Treatment www.enzara.com/vaginal

It just made me laugh!!!

then the other ad is for something to get rid of skunk smell. What the hell have you been writing about???? HA!

Anonymous said...

Awww pic #16 is such a cute pic of him. Must....stay....awake...ZzzZzz Poor lil guy is so tired but doesn't want to miss anything.~Andrea from dailyjottings.com