Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ears up!

Click to enlarge- you won't regret it! For your viewing pleasure I present to you one of the rejected Easter photos for this year's cards. Jon said they look like tired maids wearing little kerchiefs since their ears kept sagging. Bless their hearts. We went through 3 different backdrops and 2 costume changes. I just couldn't get a shot I was satisfied with. I finally went with a photo that is a departure from the norm. You'll have to wait til Easter to see it of course. My puggies are so good though- they'll endure an hour of torturous posing and headpiece wearing all for some sliced Kraft singles. That's love people.

In other news, my Mom has entered the realm of eBay sales. I'm listing a bunch of stuff for her to get started. Then she'll take over for her next set of auctions. Click here to see her stuff. She's got a lot of cool things. I've still got some formal dresses to list- new with tags- never worn. And there's some of Morgan's things on there too- girls' clothes from Limited Too etc. Morgan grows so fast she will literally wear something once and then it's done. Not so good news for my Mom's budget, but good news for you!

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