Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Well I Nevah!

I was born a prissy, prissy thing. Apparently as a little girl I'd walk around holding my hands up like I'd just scrubbed in for surgery as to avoid any contact with dirt. It's no secret. I'm also more of an inside girl. Sure, I love travel and snorkeling and such, but I'm not so much into the camping or hiking. And I'm pretty laid back. Jon is too. We have our beliefs and convictions but we don't get into bar brawls over them. So it came as quite a surprise when 2 of my relatives, who've known me my entire life, offered up the following suggestions for our upcoming 4th wedding anniversary mini holiday.

#1- Uncle Bobby sends an email in response to a note I sent explaining we'd be in town in a couple weeks for our anniversary and would love to see him and the kids. His email seems innocent enough. Until you get to the part where he writes: "On March 5th, we plan to go to a peace march and we would love to have you guys join us. People Educating with an Active Commitment to Equality (P.E.A.C.E) will stage a march and street party/rally against the continued occupation of Iraq and the policies of the Bush administration. March 15th marks the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and our rally is a local event to mark that occasion.
See you soon, bring your camera

#2- My Father calls one day from "a mountain in Alabama". I had no idea they had mountains in Alabama. I don't really know much about Alabama. I'm sure it's a wonderful place, it just hasn't crossed my mind much. My Dad told me he was hunting deer there and staying in an RV that he keeps on some land a friend of his owns. "You and Jon can come here to get away from it all. Stay a few days. Now, you have to haul your own water."

Now, people, let's talk about these 2 insane people. First of all, sure, I voted Kerry. But I am not planning on strapping myself to a tree or yelling "Go limp! Dead weight!" as the cops drag me off from some march/rally that they are trying to disguise as a street party. Whatever Bobby. Jon and I plan on taking the pugs to the beach, doing some shopping, and chilling out. None of that involves yelling in the street about W and his policies. And I love how Uncle Bobby's all sure that we'd go. See you soon, bring your camera. Don't hold your breath Bob.

And Daddy, what the hell? When have you evah (sorry, had to go way down South for this one) known me to "haul my own water" anywhere? And I assume that when you haul your own water that means there's no spa tub or functioning toilet. My idea of roughing it is when we stay at the mountain house and have to drop our trash off at the dump on the way out of town. I'm not spending our romantic weekend in Deliverance country with 2 pugs and a husband who's probably not thrilled that since he had to haul his own water that means the chances of him getting a good, cold, draught beer anywhere close to our accommodations is pretty slim.

I swear my Daddy and my uncle have gone and lost their minds! They should really talk to Grandmommy the travel agent before they go making suggestions!

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foodiechickie said...

Bahaha. Great stories.