Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dead Squirrels Smell Better

I love my pugs more than I have ever loved pets before. As you know, I photograph them often- most of the time while they are wearing silly outfits. They sleep with us. We talk about them like most people talk about their children. The thought of any harm coming to them puts my stomach in knots and tears my heart out. So it pains me to say this.

The fumes their little curly tailed asses have been producing since we switched them to grown up Iams dog food are so horrible I can barely type. I swear, not only can their farts peel the paint from the walls, my skin is peeling from my bones. Tiny woodland creatures must have crawled up their butts to die. It's the only explanation I can come up with. And it's weird really, because they don't smell otherwise. They get regular baths with sweet smelling shampoo. They don't have bad breath. Ike smells like Fritos, always has, and Kea doesn't really smell like anything except sweet puggy love. Until about an hour after dinner time. Then you can see the fumes rising in the air like on cartoons. The cats put on their little gas masks and Jon and I just curl into the fetal position and cry.

We may need some sort of canine flatulence intervention before we go insane.

***I must clarify something here. I appreciate all the advice, but I may have come off as being too serious here. Pug farts are a funny subject in this house because there is nothing you can do. They could eat Fred's Fart Free Food and still find a way to fart. The vet said it's normal to experience some farty behaviour when switching food so we're not concerned. I apologize for the apparent overuse of sarcasm in the above post! We love their stinky butts!


Christina said...

Have you looked into changing their food? My cat can't eat canned food or certain brands (including Iams) because they give her awful gas or make her sick. There might be an ingredient in the Iams that doesn't agree with their digestive track.

foodiechickie said...

I know I'm not supposed to laugh but I was having a really bad morning and this made laugh out loud and cheered me up for a little while. But yes a different brand will hopefully do the trick. Science Diet?

Lisa said...

Switch food! Ewe stinky dog buts...and they totally like to put thier asses all up in your face soon as you sit on the sofa or chair!

rpm said...

I know what you mean!! Please post more pictures of them.

ljc said...

Have you seen the children's book "Walter the Farting Dog"?