Thursday, February 17, 2005

All trips are off!

Since my nephew Joey was born on January 18, I've been playing phone tag with my father and grandparents (Nanny & Pappy). They all want to come up to see the babies and I've been elected to organize everything since Sara's busy with the babies. Which is fine, I'm a planner and I love planning visits. Every week since then I've gotten a phone call or two saying "We're coming up this weekend!" followed by another call the next day or so, "Trip is postponed." My Nanny and Pappy are in their 80's and Pappy is just about as blind as he can get now (remember, he's the one that watches his 60 inch plasma tv with binoculars) so planning a trip with them can't be easy for my Dad. The best message came the other day:

"Sara...Marc...Jacob...Joseph...You guys wake up! Oh wait. I'm at the wrong house. Sara, I mean, Shannon... Jon...Oh well, anyway this is your Daddy and we're coming up next weekend. Your cousin Stephanie had a baby boy, er girl. He weighed 8 lbs something and her name is Cody. We'll be staying at a motel Friday night then coming to your house Saturday Shannon. We'll see Stephanie's baby on the way back south. I wanna see my grandbabies!" Ok, so apparently my cousin gave birth to a hermaphrodite, bless her heart.

Then yesterday I get this message: "All trips are off! Until further notice all trips are off. Nanny and Pappy are coming but they can't make it this weekend. So maybe in the next couple of weeks. Plus, I need to sell some dogs."

My father leaves these messages at the crack of dawn before anyone is awake to answer the phone. Which is fine because then they provide endless entertainment as my sister and I play them for each other. None of the messages ever make sense. Sell some dogs? He's not a dog breeder. And it's still a mystery as to what Stephanie gave birth to since no one in our family answers the phone! And Cody could go either way. Oy. Once this visit is all planned and they actually get here I may need to video tape it because no one will believe these people actually exist!

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Shannon said...

LOL... and I thought that my family was strange lol...