Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nut Free Zone

Hosted by I went to a play group with Sara & the babies the other day. It's not as easy for Sara to get out with the two babies as it was when it was just Jake so I'm trying to help when I can. The sign on the door read Nut Free Zone due to peanut allergies. Turns out that play group was full of nuts. Joey snoozed through the whole thing in the sling Sara carries him in. It holds him really tight against her but leaves her hands free. He loves it and apparently so do lots of Mommies as I saw a couple of those slings at this gathering.

Jake is pretty shy so we hung out at the craft table and decorated goody bags the whole time. Moms and babies would come over and play and it was all pretty standard stuff except for two exchanges:

1) The Mom that organized this gathering walked around with the sign in sheet making sure everyone signed in. She gets to me and asks if I signed in.
No, I'm the Aunt, so I didn't sign in, but I'm wearing my nametag.
Mom- But are you a Mommy?
Me- No.
Mom-You don't have any kids?
Me- No.
Mom- So, you aren't a Mommy, at all??
Now I'm feeling like I should just drop trou and show my scars and yell No I'm not a Mommy at all! Are you happy?? I got a good bit of satisfaction later in that her child clung to me for some reason and wouldn't mind her mother while we were there.

2) So Moms and babies were dropping by the craft table and we'd all chat. One Mommy with an adorable blonde boy was wearing a cute bracelet that from what I could tell had letter charms on it. I wasn't close enough to see what it spelled, so I asked.
Me- What a cute bracelet. Does it spell your little boy's name?
Mom- No, it's my daughter's name. She was stillborn.
Me- Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Mom- Yeah, well me too.
She looks at me like how dare I ask that question, grabs her kid and goes to the other side of the room. Sara and I look at each other like what just happened?? Is she not wearing her dead child's name on her arm for the world to see? How was I to know? It was an innocent question. I felt so badly for her, but I wasn't prying, I don't think. Am I the only one who would ask that question of her?

That may be my last play group for a while! =)

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