Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super Colic Goonh!

While watching the Super Bowl we were wondering why the Patriots were flapping their arms like birds when they'd get a touchdown. I said it must be because they were mocking the Eagles. Not very nice. Hale had some argument to that, he was rooting for the Pats. My Mom piped up- "Well, that's just stupid (for them to flap their arms), I mean, Patriots aren't even birds." And there's your report from the department of the painfully obvious. =)

We watched the Super Bowl at my sister's house. She's trapped in the house with a toddler who's in bed by 7pm and a newborn who has colic. Poor little guy. I'd always heard about colic, but never really knew what it meant. Apparently it has to do with gas or something. Poor Joey cries and cries and cries FOR HOURS WITHOUT STOPPING. There are a few moments here and there of not crying, but mostly it's crying, full volume, non stop. I don't know how Sara hasn't killed herself. And poor baby, it's gotta hurt to cry like that for so long. If I have a good 30 minute cryfest I'm a wreck with puffy eyes and a sore head. So you know he's hurting.

We all took turns holding him, trying to soothe him. He somehow knew if you sat down for even a second and he'd wail again. He must be constantly in motion with a gentle bounce. See, how does she do it? How do you stay in constant motion with a gentle bounce and make lunch for your other son? She's a super hero that's how. Any way, he also demands to be held really tightly, so by the end of the night we all had rigormortis in our arms!

I will end on a cute note though. Jake, the older nephew at 23 months, is so cute I can't stand it! His latest thing is putting his play car, you know the big plastic roundy car, in front of the tv. He gets Sara's keys, his snacks, and his sunglasses and hops in the driver's seat. Then he yells "Bye! Goonh!" and waves furiously. He'll sit there and watch tv all afternoon. But the BYE! GOONH! doesn't stop. Apparently goonh is the word he substitutes for any word he can't say. In this case we think goonh means See You Later. Oh, and you must say Bye! See you later! back to him, each time, or he'll just run over and yell it closer to your ears.

So everyone have a good day! Bye! Goonh!

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foodiechickie said...

Awww poor Joey and your sister! I hope his colic is goonh soon!