Friday, December 01, 2006

Where I talk about a bunch of random stuff then can't come up with a witty title

My Grandmommy (the one with Alzheimers) has been in town all week. She's declining pretty rapidly. They (my mom and aunt) took her car away so she tried to drive the riding lawnmower to the store (5 miles away). So they took that away and she walked to the store. All of this for a pack of smokes. My Aunt Nina is adding on to her house (yep, apparently you can add on to a trailer) a little apartment for Gmommy, but until that's done Gmommy will be living with my mom. I took G out for the day on Wednesday. It's so weird/sad cause sometimes she's still right there with it. She's cognizant enough to know what's going on (she told me today "I'm not all there up here anymore") but she has major memory slips, lots of confusion, and focuses on strange things. I think living with my mom will be good for her. Hot as Hale works from home ("your mom's friend" as G calls him), so he can keep an eye on her while Mom's at work.

As for me, I had a follow up appointment with my neurologist who did some more tests and referred me to a surgeon. I saw the surgeon today and will be having my right arm operated on on the 11th. Boy, it's sure easy to take your arms for granted. I didn't realize how much I do with my right one. Just visiting the loo will be a whole change in operation. I tried it tonight with Lefty and it was kind of awkward and uncoordinated. My Dr. says I'll be bandaged up for about 5 days then it will take around a month before it feels better again. The cool part though? I don't have to go under general anesthesia, just local. So I can watch! I wonder if they'll let me take pictures?

To end on a less depressing, medical note, I stopped by my sister's the other day and found my youngest nephew hanging out in his mama's lingerie.
Oh! And, I found one of my very favorite Americ@'s Funniest Videos clips online. It features a pug and I have it saved on our DVR. It cracks me up every single time. It is only about 30 seconds so be sure to watch til the end. Check it out!


Connie said...

Hope all goes weel with surgery!

You crack me up....that doggie needs some pharmaceuticals.

Your nephew, uh oh, hope we don't see him doing a pole dance on Jerry Springer someday ;0) He does look very kicky proud of his threads :0)

foodiechickie said...

Good luck with your surgery and grandmom. Your nephews are the funniest!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Yikes, your blog disappeared from my Bloglines and I didn't even know you were having trouble with your arm! So sorry!!! Sending you huge hugs and good wishes.


Shannon said...

Jeremy's grandfather and his other grandmother have the same problem... at least his one grandfather had his grandma because she is the one keeping it all together for him right now... but my mom had the same problem after her surgery and going to the bathroom... I remember my dad having to "help" her lol...

Kay B said...

Alzheimer's is so hard. We've had a couple of family members affected - very sad to watch. We do have one funny story - My husband's grandmother had Alzheimer's and had smoked unfiltered Pall Malls all her life. As she progressed, she'd really WANT a fix - usually, one of us would take her outside for a smoke. One night at dinner, my husband asked if she wanted to go outside to smoke and she said "No, young man! A lady does not smoke!" She never had a cigarette after that. Interestingly, she didn't even seem to go through withdrawal.