Sunday, December 17, 2006

My right hand man

I have never had so much to blog about, or so many cards and letters to send, until this past week when I couldn't use my right hand at all. Let me tell you, living one armed is hard. Don't believe me? Take your dominant hand and strap it to your body and not get it wet and live for a week. Jeesh.
Friday I went for my follow up dr's visit and he cut off the cast. Oh, the relief of finally being able to scratch my itchy arm! I'm in a wrap now, I still can't write without a good bit of pain, still can't grip anything, but it is getting better and better every day. Without my wrap on I can type for a few minutes so I wanted to update. My dr says I'm doing well and we'll look at operating on the other arm in a few weeks. I go back the 29th to get my stitches out.
I learned that if you take your percoset too close together you get really happy and things are freaking hilarious.
I'm having cabin fever. Jon won't let me drive so I've been trapped here until his days off. My meds make my vision all blurry so I can't read too much, nothing is on tv. But my mom's coming to take me to a movie later so I can get out of the house. Yay!
I've been enjoying all the Christmas cards that have been arriving- such cute ones!
Ok, time for me to go try this shower thing on my own. CSP had to bathe me last time (he's been taking really good care of me). I can't hold both my hair dryer and my brush, and make up application is tricky at best with my left hand, so I've been looking like a raving crack ho lately!

PS- BPOH participants: please have your photos ready to post on Wednesday!


Connie said...

Glad things are coming along with the mitt!

I believe ya. I mangled my NON dominant index finger and getting any work done has been a REAL challenge.

foodiechickie said...

Glad slowly but surely you're getting better!

Lisanne said...

Wow ~ I can't imagine having to go through that! So glad that your hubby has been a *great* help! Thank you for the cute Christmas card. We've received a *ton* of photo cards ... I love those!

Anonymous said...

Check your email. I sent you a link to this
about China now putting even more restrictiosn on those that can adopt. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous!