Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And you, you light up my life

CSP and I haven't exchanged Christmas presents the last couple of years since we've been doing things like buying houses and trying to adopt children. But he did let me pick up a pair of these cool light up knitting needles that we saw at Michaels. We had to run in to pick up a yarn needle (mine's still boxed up somewhere and I needed one to finish a scarf for Olivia). Yes, I decided to knit a scarf a week before losing right arm function. But I figured out how to wedge a needle into my bandage and knit using mainly my left hand. I'm crafty that way. And I actually finished the scarf in time! (must remember to photograph scarf) Anyway, how cool are those needles?? Great for knitting in the car during long drives at night or while we're watching movies. And my nephews think I have 2 magic wands.


foodiechickie said...

Very cool indeed.

the little one said...

I debated about asking for the knit lites needles for christmas... sounds like you approve! :) I'll have to pick up a pair the next time I'm at Michaels ~ I do a lot of road trips and love to knit during the car rides but now that it's winter and dark all the time, I never get nearly as far on my knitting projects as I'd like too! Those would be a great way to keep myself occupied on late night drives!! :)

Connie said...

Now that's a nifty idea. I never think of cool stuff like that and then wonder why I didn't ;0)