Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My public

Thank you for all your sweey commenys and emails. You guys wovk! I 'm on pervcoset anf typing wiyth my left hand. CSp loooved that yall commented on his post. I think it has gone to fis head. He keeps bringing jars to me and fays can you open tghis for me to which I reply hah very funny. He said aftwer this same exchange this morningn ":well, at least my public gets my humor!". You're his public. Hr has a public!


Headmeister said...

OMG this post was hysterical!!! I hope you're feeling better soon babe! And if not, pop another percoset!!!! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up...Load up, go to bed and feel better shooonnnn!


Dman thing won't let me comment like a normal person!

Anonymous said...

hehe I think you've had enough "pervcoset" :) Glad to hear you are in good spirits.