Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bonjour Y'all!

I think the news of an IKEA being built in Charlotte really killed our motivation to go down to the one in Atlanta. I had a bunch of returns to make, and we needed a couple things, plus we wanted to scope out the cribs. We "tried" to go a few times. Then finally yesterday, at noon, we left. Noon people. We live 4 hours away. We made it a quick trip and got home by midnight. I wish we had been more organized so we could have stopped by Casa Shanahan to meet Maisie, but that will have to wait for the next trip. I tell ya, Monday is the day to go. It was deserted. Of course they were blown out of product too, or "temporarily oversold" as they like to say, but we still got most everything we needed. This billboard cracked me up. Click to enlarge- it's a little fuzzy as I was doing about 70 mph. It says Bonjour Y'all and is an ad for a new exhibit- Louvre Atlanta.

I swear you see the most interesting stuff on road trips. There are billboards we always pass on the way to ATL and I always forget to take photos but they are for a place called Cafe Risque. They advertise adult toys and good food- couples welcome! Now, I have a problem with those combo restaurants like KFC/Taco Bell (stick to one thing please) so you know I'm not pulling over at Cafe Risque for my road dinner. While I do admire their ability to rhyme and their clever name, no matter how good their food is I don't wanna find a "BOB" (battery operated boyfriend) in my dinner, thank you very much.


Melissa said...

Hey, you were in my neck of the woods!
One of the first things I noticed when I moved down here, were the - shall we say, "interesting" billboards. Yes, Cafe Risque is one of many.
Did you see the one for a church. It is a close up a mans face that says something along the lines of "I used to battle with my homosexuality, until I found (so and so) church"
gotta love the homophobic south!

C.J. said...

LOL....I gotta agree the idea of BOB in your dinner is none too appealing.

Melissa, you have GOT to be kidding about that billboard???

Christine said...

Heh heh! "Couples welcome" So is dinner/dessert "on me" as they say?

Maria Caras said...

the dinner idea seems excellent very good