Friday, March 16, 2007

Secret lovahs

Thank you for all your sweet emails & crds! My hand is getting better everydayt but ut is still bandaged so I can't type with iut. So I thought I''d do some cutting and pasting so y'all can see the fun I'm having with my sister'sa boyfriend, He's adorab;e and I'm so excited she finally has a sweet boy whp adores her, the last guy was psycho. Anyway one day I received this message from him and it styarted a fun back anfd forth. I've only edited out last names.

From the first time i met you out @ peppys i knew that we belonged together.
The only things in our way are John and Morgan, and i can have them taken care of if you know wut i mean.
I just wanted you to know that wut ever happens between morgan and i will not effect us
I Love You Shannon R********.

With all my hearts love,

Oh Moe-
How long I have waited for this day, these words, this note! I am thrilled beyond words that you are ready to take our love to the next level. You will be an excellent husband and father. Ooh can't wait to get a car seat in your truck! Once Morgan gets over her heart ache after losing you maybe she can babysit for us. I will keep our secret when you "take care" of Jon and Morgan. It's time for you to leave the girl & experience a woman. It will be better for all of us this way. I can no longer live the lie.
I love you Moe Insert Last Name!
Your's forever,

I know that i seem a little shy, but really im as sensative as a cavity and sweet as a jolly rancher.

the poem that i just made up in this unknown mind of mine will fill you heart with joy and banish John from your mind.

NOW MINE!!!!!!!!

With all my love taken from from Morgan and given to You
and plenty more where that came from,


I stayed up all night reading the dictionary for those words sence you "caint" read redneck!


Meet me in the middle of Fort Mill walking park Sunday morning @ 3:00AM
and we can confess out love to one another

So I dug down deep in my heart and wrote this rap song just for you. Your poem really inspired me. Oh, and where were you at 3am???

Oh Moe,
I love you so.
You make my heart go whoa.
You're the only one, dontcha know?
This chance wid you I will not blow.
Cause you're my buck and I'm your doe.
I'll love you like no one's loved you befo.
Our love won't die it will only grow.
Just remember I'm a woman, I ain't no one's ho.
We ain't rich, we may be po
But we be happy, don't you think so?
Go ahead and dump Momo
She'll be fine, she'll find another bro.
Maybe she could date a dude named Joe.
Oh Moe, I love you from your head down to your toe.
If you liked pudding I'd make you pistachio.
You got my heart going turbo.
I'd love you even if you were an albino.
My heart is ready to overflow.
I just wish you didn't smoke tobacco.
For you I fell like a domino.
Your love's a storm like a tornado.
You make me dizzy like I've got vertigo.
If we were Mexican you'd be my amigo.
If you ever leave me I'll be blue, like indigo.
When you're hungry I'll bake you a potato.
When you're thirsty I'll make you hot cocoa.
I'll do anything for you, today or tomorrow.
You've got me as high as a rainbow.
It's true, other men I'll forego.
I've been shot in the heart by Cupid's bow.
Our love we'll never outgrow.
You're so cute from your head to your elbow,
your eyes, your face, your skin, your torso.
We could run away, live in a borough.
We could go to Alaska and you could be my Eskimo.
We could live on a farm and for you I'd grow
onions, carrots, even a tomato.
Cause when I saw you my heart said "HELLO!"
And now I love you with such gusto.
At Christmas I'll kiss you under the mistletoe.
And cook you pasta with pesto.
Until we meet again, no I must go.
But believe me without you I'm hollow.
With you I'm all aglow!
Oh Moe, I love you so.
True dat.


Debra Sue said...

Like I said before - a perfect match for your family. Great rap song, BTW.

You're a nut.

Shannon said...

lol you're a nut!! Hope the hand is doing great!

C.J. said...

Wow, you're getting some great post-surgical drugs ;0)

I think that song just may make the grammys next year.

Christina said...
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Christina said...

I want some of what you're having. ;)

Hope your hand/arm is healing quickly!